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Taraka is a unique experience of self-connection and resynchronization, which acts as a transformational catalyst, unconditionally and without judgment. This experience can involve a flood of illumination from which the body-mind dynamic may be brought into a greater integration of its inseparable qualities!

From a physics perspective:
At any given instant, there is an equal probability of being in one of a potentially infinite number of selves in different times or different locations.

Of these quantum selves:

· one is "the here-and-now self",

· one is "the now-but-not-here self" (could be anywhere),

· one is "the here-but-not-now self" (could be at any point in the time and space continuum or beyond),

· one is "the not-here-and-not-now self", which is the "ultimate self" (outside of the time and space continuum),

· sometimes a quantum self is connected to the "ultimate self", but there is no direct way of relating information from this connection to "the here-and-now self".

During a Taraka session, any or all of these quantum selves can be in communication with one another. The "ultimate self" exists outside the time and space continuum and therefore, is not subject to the limitations of time and space. Hence, the "ultimate self" can view all the other selves. Consequently, "the here-and-now self" can gain perspective regarding what needs to be changed in order to create a more harmonious state of balance.

Taraka Sessions are offered in person or over the telephone and are recorded for the recipient.



Through the use of multi-perceptives (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and clairempathics) an inner view of one's soul essence is presented in a non-judgmental manner.

During a session:

· one's beliefs, behavioural patterns, 'issues' and 'multi-dimensional existences' are explored,

· one's idiosyncratic self (who we really are), including one's inherent gifts and self-connection are explored.

Through the potential of a new self-connection and energetic shift, one can be inspired to pursue a self-empowered process of transformation.

It is advisable but not necessary to prepare personal questions in advance of the session.

Sessions are offered in person or over the telephone and are recorded for the recipient.



Laurie Anne enters into a trance-like state from which the recipient will have the opportunity to experience a quantum level of communication with a source of guidance and wisdom that is non-corporal but is experienced in the here and now.

During the session, the recipient may potentially experience a resonance with forms of their own inner guidance, whether this be a 'spirit guide', 'animal totem' or simply the presence of 'spirit'. The possibility of connecting with departed loved one(s) may occur either by intent or spontaneously.

Mediumship usually involves:

· a multi-sensory experience for the recipient,

· a deepening of one's awareness of the functional and dysfunctional dynamics in their being and life,

· connection with one's own soul essence - allowing the recipient the potential to merge more consciously with their own unique idiosyncrasy in the soul voyage (to see from inside) of becoming the 'true self'.

Ultimately, we all seek to be liberated from the illusions of suffering (fear and hope), and to become the expression of peace and connection that already thrives in our own illumination.

It is necessary to prepare personal questions in advance of the session.

Sessions are recorded for the recipient.



A multi-step psychic divination process, which culminates in a beautiful letter-sized "Colour Oracle" keepsake. The oracle is created in the presence of the recipient during the session. The actual process is a unique and spontaneous layered representation of energy as perceived during the initial connection with the intended subject, entity or person - and is applied with the intent of non-judgmentally capturing and grounding any aspect of the recipient's life or experiences.

A "Colour Oracle" is:

· a physical manifestation of psychic energy, (and the possible synergy of spirit energies) in the form of quantum fields, for the present moment.

· often an empowering experience due to the activation of a synergistic integrative process, which may potentially bring the recipient toward an amplified inner awareness and resolution.

· best approached without conditions or expectations as to an outcome.

It is advisable to prepare an intention prior to the session.

Sessions are offered in person or over the telephone and are recorded for the recipient.



A gentle and non-invasive process in which an animal (pet or totem) or natural object (gem or mineral) is invited, at the essential idiosyncratic (original blueprint) level, to make a connection with Laurie Anne (through the use of psychic mediumship) for the purpose of unconditional communication. The animal does not have to be living or corporal (e.g. animal totem/medicine or animal spirit).

This level of communication is intentionally not limited to contemporary imprinting which has been brought about by our conditioned and socialized relationship with the natural world. By reaching out to the natural world in this manner, one may potentially gain a more profound understanding of oneself and the existing interrelationship with the presented animal/object, beyond judgment or condition.

It is recommended that the recipient:

· prepares personal questions in advance of the session.
· brings the actual natural object if practical.
· brings a recent photograph (if possible) of the animal or pet with which they desire to connect.

Sessions are offered in person or over the telephone and are recorded for the recipient.



Look at your life in terms of a pie. Each slice is comparable to an aspect of your life, for example: yourself, your work, your relationships, your finances, etc.

Within these slices you may wish to know:

• the quality of your connections to specific people and these relationships;
• what, if anything, is blocking your success;
• is your pie balanced; is any one slice out of proportion within your pie;
• what is the quality of your pie's container (your connection with yourself)?

You may also wish to inquire about:

• your spiritual gifts
• your life's purpose
• your existing spiritual support systems (including spirit guides, ancestors, animal totems, and other ethereal intelligences) and how to improve the quality of these connections
• external influences that may be non-consciously affecting you (your environment; previous life experiences; subconscious patterns; genetic patterning)
• new spiritual connections
• how to flow with the changes in your life from a place of balance and harmony

Ask your questions with truthful intent.

The more specific the questions, the more specific the answers.

During your reading, please ask for clarification if you need it.

After your reading, take time to assimilate the experience. Revisit the session whenever you feel the urge by listening to your CD.

Guiding principles

The perception of the psychic realms is by it's very nature subjective. Therefore, no one can honestly claim 100% accuracy or offer a guarantee of accuracy. By the same token, any information I receive on behalf of a recipient is offered in good faith and as clearly and concisely as possible. It is my responsibility as a psychic reader to continuously cultivate my own self connection, to offer my services only when I am feeling 100%, to conduct myself professionally and courteously and to always act in the best interest of the recipient. These things I do guarantee. It is the recipient's responsibility to verify for themselves any content offered through interfacing their personal experience with factual information and equally important, their own feeling/intuitive/sentient awareness. If it feels wrong, chances are it is inaccurate information. A psychic is not infallible but merely a messenger acting on behalf of 'spirit'.

It is important to recognize that sometimes information presented triggers in the recipient an internal defensive alarm and resistance is experienced. It is helpful to appreciate the difference between something that feels wrong and something that feels like one is resisting, i.e. resisting a transformational life altering change!

To have the best possible experience, I recommend that the recipient to be well rested, well hydrated and nutrified, prepared with questions and as relaxed, stress-free and unhurried as possible. I also recommend that one connect to themselves before hand and honestly check in with themselves on how open they are to the experience they are about to engage in. You can't force yourself to be open if you are fearful. If one is filled with dread, expectation, feels tentative or is a disbeliever but is still willing to give it a go, some part of that person has the potential to experience growth and healing that new information can catalyze.

My principles as a psychic reader are simply about respecting the recipient and their freedom of choice, refraining from judgment and offering advice, efficiently exploring the heart of the matter presented by spirit and facilitating the recipient's understanding of their own unique healing and transformational process.

Lastly, it is also important to understand the basic science of engaging in a reading. At a fundamental level, an unconditional opportunity for connection, energetic melding and blending of the personal energy of the reader and the recipient can begin to occur. This is the optimum for the best possible outcome.

Ethics on Psychic Readings

1. Information offered during the course of a readings is presented in good faith, honesty, integrity and the strictest of confidentiality and as accurately as possible without judgment or alteration.

2. In the process of a reading, I will never offer legal or medical advice and will refer the recipient where ever possible to the appropriate professionals.

3. At no time will I in any fashion infringe on anyone's right of free will, present or absent. The following are clearly not part of my personal paradigm or my professional practise Reference to the use of 'Magic' or Witchcraft; offering to cast or remove spells or incantations; offering to bring 'lovers' together or separate them by psychic means or powers and offering to provide winning lottery numbers or the like.

4. At no time will I deliberately attempt to frighten a recipient with regards to forecasting or predicting future events, accidents and even deaths of loved ones. Predicting misfortune is irresponsible. The future is not etched in stone; it is forever changing with the choices and decisions and paths one takes.